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BISMARCK, ND – North Dakota Secretary of State Michael Howe has reviewed and approved petitions submitted by the Libertarian Party of North Dakota to attain ballot access. The Libertarian Party of North Dakota is the third political party to attain ballot access for the 2024 statewide elections joining the North Dakota Republican Party (NDGOP) and the North Dakota Democratic-NPL (ND DEM-NPL). The NDGOP and ND DEM-NPL both retained ballot access for 2024 by having candidates for President and Governor who received at least five percent of the statewide vote in the 2020 North Dakota presidential and gubernatorial election (NDCC 16.1-11-30). 

The Libertarian Party will have a separate column for candidates on the primary election ballot for the statewide election on June 11, 2024. In addition, they will be allowed to place the names of presidential electors on the ballot for the general election on November 5, 2024. 

Political parties seeking to establish in North Dakota for the purposes of ballot inclusion in their own column on a primary election ballot must provide at least 7,000 signatures of qualified voters (NDCC 16.1-11-30). Libertarian party organizers collected 8,029 signatures of which: 

  • 7,502 – signatures accepted
  • 527 – signatures rejected

The party must now submit rosters of their political party offices and state headquarters information to the Secretary of State. If the 2024 Libertarian presidential or gubernatorial candidate gets at least five percent of the statewide vote in North Dakota, the party is guaranteed inclusion for the following election cycle; otherwise, a petition process will again be needed for ballot access. 

For more information regarding forming a political party in North Dakota, please contact the Office of the North Dakota Secretary of State at 701-328-5409 or review Political Party Organization and Related Statutes.

News Release PDF - Libertarian Party Approved for 2024 Ballot Access

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