Election boards play a key role in the election process. Each county polling location must have an election board present. The election board is responsible for the operation of the polling location including checking-in voters, issuing ballots, and ensuring a smooth and successful Election Day.

  • Candidates, and relatives of candidates, are not allowed to serve on any election board. 
  • A polling location election board must have a minimum of one inspector, two judges, and two clerks. 

Election Board Members


  • Appointed by the county commission in conjunction with the county auditor.
  • Appointments must be made 40 days prior to the election.
  • Serve as the polling location supervisor.
  • Verifies polling location election results.
  • Must be a qualified elector.


  • Appointed by the district party chairs of each political party.
  • If the district party chair fails to appoint a judge by 40 days before the election, the county auditor can appoint judges.
  • Issues ballots to voters – INITIALS THE BALLOT
  • Verifies polling location election results.
  • Must be a qualified elector.


  • Appointed by the county auditor.
  • Verifies qualifications and identification of voters.
  • Checks voters in to the polling location and manages pollbooks.
  • Can be 16 years old.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the county.


  • A clerk that greets and assists voters at the polling location.
  • Reminds voters to have proper ID readily available.
  • Directs voters to clerk station.

ExpressVote Aide

  • A judge that assists voters with initiating their voting session on the ExpressVote.
  • Manages check-in receipts once voting session is initiated.