If you are a U.S. citizen, are over the age of 18, and live in North Dakota, you have the right to vote! Anyone who has lived in North Dakota for 30 days prior to Election Day can vote. 

North Dakota does not require voter registration, but you do need to have a valid form of identification that can be used for voting. This means you should make sure you have proper identification with you before you go to the polls to vote. 

Where Do I Vote?

Find information on Where You Vote.

  • You can vote by absentee, or mail.
  • You can vote at an early voting location.
  • You can vote on Election Day. 

What Forms of ID Can I Use For Voting?

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North Dakota is the only state without voter registration as our Voter ID Law requires a valid form of ID to vote. Valid forms of ID that can be used for voting are: 

  • North Dakota Driver's License

  • North Dakota Non-Driver's License

  • Tribal ID or Tribal Letter

  • Long-Term Care Certificate

How Do I Vote?

North Dakota provides a variety of convenient ways to cast your vote. 

Learn more about early voting, voting in-person and voting by mail – absentee.

Voting with a Disability

Learn more about the accessibility of North Dakota’s elections from the North Dakota Protection & Advocacy Project

Election Day Conduct

Certain conduct is prohibited within 100 feet of an open polling location. This is called electioneering. 

  • Individuals may not attempt to persuade any voter for or against a candidate, political party, or ballot issue within 100 feet of a polling place while open for voting. 
  • Political badges, buttons, insignias, or other items may not be worn within 100 feet from the entrance of a polling place or in the polling place while it is open for voting.