Statewide Candidates

Candidates must file Campaign Finance reports with the Secretary of State between 39 and 32 days before the election. The reporting period is January 1st through the 40th day before the election and includes all campaign contributions and expenditures received and expended by a candidate. For greater information on who is subject to registration and campaign finance and disclosure requirements, review NDCC § 16.1-08.1.

Reports to File

There are four reports candidates must file to comply with campaign finance - see dates on Disclosure Calendar:

  • Pre-Primary

  • Pre-General

  • Year End

  • 48-Hour (if applicable) - Only needs to be filed if a contribution is received in excess of $500 after 39 days before the election.

Late Fees

Candidate who fails to file a campaign finance report by the deadline must pay a late fee.

  • $25 - If filed within 6 days after the due date

  • $50 - If filed within 11 days after the due date

  • $100 - If filed 12 or more days after the due date

Create a Campaign Finance AccountNorth Dakota Campaign Finance Online Button

Create an account or login to your existing account to enter disclosure information and file campaign disclosure statements. For more information about campaign finance filing, review the Campaign Finance FAQ.


Local Jurisdiction Candidates

Candidates for local jurisdiction elected offices - county, city, and school boards - must file financial disclosure statements pursuant to NDCC § 16.1-08.1-02.3(6) with the following: 

  • County Candidates - County Auditor

  • City Candidates  - City Auditor

  • School Board Candidates  - School Business Manager

Learn more about Campaign Finance Disclosure for County, City, and School Board Candidates