Data and report subscriptions may be purchased in the North Dakota Central Indexing System (NDCIS).ND Central Indexing System Button

Data Subscriptions

Data subscriptions are for all lien filings and images. UCC database files are updated on the 1st and 16th of each month. Files are available in CSV format.

  • UCC Data – entire UCC database - $500
  • UCC Database Refresh – 4-week update of UCC database - $500

Report Subscriptions

Report subscriptions for liens are available as daily, weekly, and monthly reports in CSV or Excel format.

  • State Tax Daily Report – daily update - $1
  • Credit Bureau Report – weekly update - $70
  • State Tax Monthly Report – monthly report - $40
  • Federal Tax Monthly Report – monthly report - $40

Buyer's Report

The Central Notice/Agricultural Statutory Notice buyer's report lists all liens filed on debtors’ crops and/or livestock - $40/month or $480/year.

  • The buyer’s report is a master list that contains filings for all products in any North Dakota county. 
  • Farm product buyers have the option to purchase monthly lists of farm products with liens against them from the Central Notification System. 
  • Buyers use the information to determine if a payment for a farm product should be made to the seller and the secured party jointly. 
  • This prevents buyers of farm products from having to pay twice for the same product, commonly known as double jeopardy.
  • Subscriptions are available on a yearly basis corresponding to the State fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Users must select the subscription period.
  • The monthly report only includes active liens for that month. The annual report is a report of the full database.
  • The fee is automatically prorated if the subscription is purchased for a partial year.
  • Users may download the most recent version of the report at any time. 
  • The file is updated on the 1st of every month.
  • To accurately view the information in the buyer’s report, users will need to complete a one-time install of the set-up file on each computer used.

Debtor Notification Subscription

The debtor notification subscription allows a user to receive notifications for a selected debtor when another user submits a future filing and includes that debtor.

  • A user may subscribe to a debtor while completing the initial financing statement or subscribe through the Data/Report Subscriptions menu.