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BISMARCK, ND – Secretary of State Michael Howe announced today that petitions with signatures for the constitutional initiative related to congressional age limits was submitted by the sponsoring committee to the Office of the Secretary of State for review and approval for placement on the June 11, 2024, Primary election ballot.

Jared Hendrix, Fargo, North Dakota, is the chairperson of the sponsoring committee.

The sponsoring committee delivered 2,150 petition packets to the Office of the Secretary of State, which the committee stated contained approximately 41,842 signatures. 31,164 valid signatures are needed for the measure to be placed on the ballot.

The Secretary of State has thirty-five days, or until Friday, March 15, 2024, to decide the sufficiency of the number of signatures to determine whether the measure will be placed on the June 11, 2024, Primary election ballot. The state law that applies to this process is as follows:

N.D.C.C. § 16.1-01-10-Secretary of state to pass upon sufficiency of petitions – Method-Time Limit

The secretary of state shall have a reasonable period, not to exceed thirty-five days, in which to pass upon the sufficiency of any petition mentioned in section 16.1-01-09. The secretary of state shall conduct a representative random sampling of the signatures contained in the petitions by the use of questionnaires, postcards, telephone calls, personal interviews, or other accepted information gathering techniques, or any combinations thereof, to determine the validity of the signatures. Signatures determined by the secretary of state to be invalid may not be counted and all violations of law discovered by the secretary of state must be reported to the attorney general for prosecution.

News Release PDF - Constitutional Initiative Submitted to Secretary of State

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